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Take Control of your

NFT-based solutions, powered by the world’s first and most powerful one-click gasless minting API.

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World’s First Gasless Minting API

Designed in 2018, Mintology’s full suite of NFT-based solution services are powered by the world’s first and most powerful gasless minting API. Mint thousands of ERC-721 tokens instantly on the Ethereum mainnet with no ETH needed and zero cost to the environment.


Streamline any NFT strategy with Mintology’s premium tools and services

Expertise from the leaders in building and owning NFT marketplaces and the leaders in B2B solutions for companies.


Custom Pages

Dedicated custom pages on to launch your NFT campaign


Smart Contracts

Dedicated Smart Contracts with Contract Management

Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

Endlessly Scalable - individual, batch or on demand minting

Powerful analytics

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics to take control of your NFT Minting and Marketplace

Affortable and  Cost-effective pricing

Affordable and Cost-effective Pricing

PayG or Subscription Services with 90+% discounts against traditional minting

Multiple Payment  Options

Multiple Payment Options

Range of payment options for your customers including crypto, credit card and PayPal

No Code Experience Zero Code

No Code Experience Zero Code

Instant launch of your Project, fully managed by your account dashboard Global Network

Global  Network

Global Network

Launch your collection and have it immediately displayed on and others

Start your own collection today

At Mintology we have a package to suit all needs for launching your NFT campaign, from Gasless minting on Ethereum using our Proprietary Technology, to having fully customizable marketplace, full suite of payment options, white label marketplace, dedicated smart contacts and custodial wallets, to name a few services Partner with the leaders in the NFT space and get unrivalled service with unbeatable prices. We have the best blockchain developers in the world and will be sure to make your project a success.


What is Mintology

Mintology specializes in bringing businesses and brands cost effective and efficient access to NFT technology. With a powerful one-click gasless minting API, expert developers, and dedicated customer success managers, Mintology aspires to help businesses achieve their maximum potential with end-to-end solutions catered for NFT-based enterprise applications.

Our case studies highlight the capability of Mintology’s services to empower businesses

Digital assets can be used in a number of ways to advance your enterprise NFT strategy, such as

Layer 20-1
  • NFT for Loyalty Schemes
  • NFT for VIP Access
  • NFT for Brand Engagement
  • NFT for Sales Promotion
  • NFT for Royalty Distribution
  • NFT for Marketing Promotion
  • NFT for Ticketing
  • NFT for Authenticity
  • NFT for Fractional Ownership
  • NFT for Monetization
  • NFT for Provenance

Quick Minting with an API

Mintology’s easy and powerful one-click API can be integrated seamlessly into any product and user journey, allowing minting and listing with no hassle.

Mint with an API in 3 easy steps:


Create an account


Select your plan


Connect the API and mint