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Salty Sharks 2022
Case Study


Who is Salty Sharks?

Salty Sharks is an Aquatic Metaverse that matches NFTs with rich story-driven lore. The Salty Sharks Uprising collection of 7,007 phenomenally designed NFTs of varying rarity, attributes, and classes are interwoven into 18 chapters of engaging adventure stories and lore. Salty Sharks Uprising NFT holders already have access to branded merchandise, the opportunity to play within a play to earn metaverse game with their own NFT avatar, to be paid ETH royalty payments when their NFTs are featured in the evolving lore and story of the metaverse. The project's mission and purpose is to raise awareness and funds for marine life conservation, specifically sharks. Once minted, holders can also win up to 6 ETH per month and claim prizes from the Surf’s Up Game Board on their website.


No.1 NFT Project Killer – Gas Fees

One of the biggest problems every NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain has had to contend with is gas fees. With millions of other projects on the network competing for mining resources, minting as many as 7,007 NFTs traditionally and in bulk would equate to exorbitantly high gas fees, oftentimes costing just as much or more than the NFTs themselves. Competitive and unpredictable gas fees are a massive roadblock for many NFT projects just like Salty Sharks, weighing down on their ability to expand in areas like quality of design, community involvement, taking focus away from the overall brand and business development. For collectors, high gas fees lead to higher prices, therefore reducing spending power and limiting them from making multiple investments in a singular project.


About Mintology

Mintology is the business arm of Mintable, an NFT marketplace that pioneered gasless minting technology. Mintology was conceived with the enterprise customer in mind. Our technology is up-to-date with enterprise-grade security and data storage, while our team of experts in B2B solutions, customer success, and enterprise software expertise ensure that your business and NFTs are in safe hands. The proprietary technology for our gasless minting API can mint in large numbers instantly and immediately on the Ethereum Mainnet, helping to ease the many problems faced by creators looking to kick off or scale up an NFT project.


How does Mintology help?

With Mintology’s end-to-end solution ranging from minting to community building, consultation, and customization services, the Salty Sharks project was ready to be launched within a mere 7 days. The team at Mintology was able to cut down on the cost of gas fees not only with our gasless minting design but also with a fully managed minting launchpad service that includes dedicated smart contracts and contract management – saving them a bulk of US$700,000 in total. Salty Sharks was also able to have a dedicated minting page unique to their project and brand, with minted NFTs on Ethereum auto-listed on, as well as a customizable and unique redemption process via private sale with our claimable NFT product. Salty Sharks collectors were able to mint multiple NFTs due to the lowered cost, while non-crypto natives can be onboarded quickly and easily due to the availability of credit card, PayPal, and fiat payment methods on the platform. By saving on the resources usually needed for tech development and fine-tuning, the team could then shift their focus to driving the project to its full potential.



The goal of Mintology is to provide a frictionless end-to-end service experience for any project, brand, or business looking to optimize and scale-up in the NFT world. In order to empower businesses with an NFT strategy, it’s important to give them the space to flourish and not sweat the small stuff. Minting, gas fees, and the hassle of customizing a store for primary and secondary sales shouldn’t impede on a project’s larger-scale vision – to diversify the NFT economy, boost creativity within the market, spread awareness, drive sales and increase ROI for their brand. Mintology provides short-term solutions for long-term benefits, our cost-effective and efficient services allow for projects like Salty Sharks to reap greater rewards for their business in the long run.