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Singapore Fintech Festival 2021
Case Study


About Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) is a yearly event held to bolster the Fintech industry and community globally. It is the world’s largest festival of its kind and a knowledge platform across the Fintech community worldwide. Participants that attend SFF include industry professionals, founders, investors, academics, and government agencies. The event is attended by 100% of the top 50 banks in the world.


Use of NFTs for event ticketing

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique codes on the blockchain that can be used to represent a host of different digital assets. One of the emerging use cases for NFTs is to represent tickets in a sports event or a concert or to provide an added incentive to mobilize ticket sales. NFT ticketing ensures that every ticket is unique and one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable and verifiable on the network that it has been minted on, while NFTs that come paired with tickets can serve as a keepsake or an original access exclusive token for unlocking other perks and opportunities in the future.


Exclusive NFTs for ticket holders

For the Singapore Fintech Festival, an elegant NFT solution for driving ticket sales apt for the scale and size of the event was required. A total of 500 NFTs were created to motivate potential audiences to purchase their tickets ahead of time. The early bird ticket holders were able to claim and mint the exclusive NFT which would then grant them special privileges at a later time. All buyers had to do was to go onto the website and click to redeem. With the powerful gasless minting API provided by Mintology and powered by Mintable, every one of the 500 NFTs was gas-free and environmentally friendly. Ticket holders can also enjoy the NFT as a digital memento of the event they can keep in their wallets forever, without the worry of harming the planet.


Why Mintology?

As the enterprise arm of the Mintable NFT marketplace, Mintology offers end-to-end services for any company or brand looking to boost their business with an NFT strategy. Derived from a tried-and-tested proprietary gasless minting API of our successful Mintable NFT marketplace, Mintology is able to mint large batches (up to 10,000) of environmentally friendly NFTs instantly. Mintology also caters to the specific needs of different businesses, like customizable pages to make NFT redemption as easy as a click of a button, to dedicated smart contracts and contract management. With cost-effective technology and highly-visible community building and consulting services, Mintology makes minting NFTs for any large-scale event or festival easy and efficient.



Events are essential to growing a brand and business. With the Metaverse and more events and festivals moving online and into a digital space, digital assets linked to ticketing are primed to become a norm in the growing economy. Mintology aims to grow along with our enterprise customers, to align with the market, and bring cost-effective and efficient NFT solutions to businesses that are shifting and scaling in the digital world. Whether it is to incentivize the public to purchase tickets to an event, create customized clickable pages, or to generate scarcity and added value for your brand with an NFT strategy, Mintology is able to bring dedicated services to your business in this ever-evolving digital world.