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Our Partners

The NFT space is growing rapidly, the potential market size for 2022 is estimated to be in excess of USD40 Billion. We believe NFTs will be as important and innovative to business as social media was, if not more. It’s still early, many companies are in the early stages of exploring this space.

If you are interested in becoming an expert in this space and providing value added services to your clients, now is a great time to get involved. The early adopters of this new technology will surely be the winners. Time to grab a share of this ever evolving market. We have not yet seen the full scale of enterprise adoption, but it is coming!

We work with a number of trusted partners to facilitate mutual technology solutions and introductions.


what. was founded out of our passion for building digital businesses and making them commercially successful. Founded in 2015 what is now the leading consultancy firm that also implements strategies for many startups and innovative brands in Switzerland and abroad.

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Calling all IP owners, Agencies, Developers, Influencers & Consulting Firms – the NFT Market is exploding – want to earn some income by referring companies to Mintology?

If you are interested in representing Mintology and becoming a partner, we have a formal partner program.

Our program allows you to refer opportunities to us – we do all the work from onboarding your clients to managing the relationship. So, why not earn extra income whilst learning the ins and outs of the NFT space – zero knowledge or technical know-how is required.

In return, we offer a partner reward program that tracks the revenue generated.

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